Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My unexpectedly amazing weekend.

Last Friday night I attended a special Friday night two-year anniversary edition of the Lix and Kix Poetry reading. The Lix and Kix reading is always a blast, and the show on friday was the best poetry reading I have ever attended. Lix and Kix is a once a month reading at the Bela Dubby Art Gallery and Beer CafĂ© in Lakewood Ohio. John Burroughs and Dianne Borsenik who host the reading are both fabulous poets.
You can find more information on it here. The featured poets Puma Perl, Alex Nielsen and Smith & Lady were all amazing and great examples of what modern poetry is like. Their poetry is realistic, beautiful, gritty, intelligent and soul bearing. When I mention to people I write and read poetry a lot of people have the notion that a reading consists of something akin to a bunch of old people sitting around in three piece suits drinking tea and reading poems about the weather or some other sleep worthy topic. The high energy Lix and Kix reading would definitely change their minds. The laid-back atmosphere is friendly and a t-shirt and jeans will be just fine, of course, one could always wear a three-piece suit if one wanted. I myself have been threatening to start dressing like Lady Gaga when I read. You can find more info on Puma Pearl here. See Alex Nielsen reading here and for more on Smith&Lady go here and here.

The reading also featured music from the band Mad Anthony from Cincinnati Ohio. I had never heard Mad Anthony perform before and so I must admit that when I found out there was going to be a band I made the snide comment to my friends “God I hope they don’t suck, because there is not enough beer in this place for me to drink if they do.” They did not suck and in fact, they were great. I apologize for my skepticism. Not only is their music good but they are a very cool guys and even came out to eat with us after the reading. I encourage you to check them out for yourself here.
Also, check out Mad Anthony and the remarkable poet Puma Pearl performing together. Btw, this was unrehearsed.

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