Monday, May 2, 2011


I love this movie! Quentin Dupieux is brilliant, as he has made a film is so crazy that it is good.   It is more of a sarcastic comedy though than a horror film. Therefore, if you go to it expecting it to be a true B horror film or a film filled with lots of graphic bloody violence you will be disappointed. This film has many layers to its plot as there are almost two separate story lines unfolding at once. The film is visually pleasing and the camera used to film it gives it this serene almost otherworldly quality. It is one of the most innovative and unapologetically avant-garde films I have seen in a long time.  My friends and I are still talking about it days after seeing it. Also the sound track is amazing, and thanks to seeing this movie I have now discovered the music of Mr. Oizo (a.k.a  Quentin Dupieux). I recommend checking out the soundtrack from this movie and the album Lambs Anger.