Monday, August 18, 2008

Absolutly Amazing.

Today I would like to feature the user Neya.
Words can not fully describe how cool, amazing and daring her sets are.
Often I am in awe of the amazing color,pattern or texture combinations she pulls together.
You can see her full profile here

Below are just a few of her amazing sets

“Her mind is Tiffany-twisted.” By Neya

“I can't get to sleep. I think about the implications.” By Neya

“There is a storm coming.”By Neya

“Please tell me you've seen at least one "Star Wars" movie.” By Neya

“Hey, I hope life doesn't become dull for you not being able to pass laws over Scotland.”By Neya

“There are aspects of my personality that I can't control. And when I lose control, it's very dangerous to be around me.” By Neya

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